An electricity grid without adequate communications is simply a power distributor. It is through the addition of two-way communications that the power grid is made "smart.

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The G3-PLC™ Alliance organization sponsored by ERDF was formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC in smart grid applications.

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The G3-PLC Alliance was formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC in smart grid applications. Since smart grid implementations require major investments the issuing of certificates is very important.

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G3-PLC Alliance member devolo strongly engages in G3-PLC projects

G3-PLC Alliance member devolo AG has been very active in the area of G3-PLC applications. The Germany-based expert for Powerline and smart metering devices is involved in various G3-PLC activities, with a particular focus on national and Europe-wide...

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G3-PLC Alliance at European Utility Week 2018

G3-PLC Alliance presents itself at the upcoming European Utility Week (EUW) from 6th to 8th November in Vienna. After a series of successful visits at key conferences and fairs across the globe, the EUW marks the final stage for the alliance in this...

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G3-PLC Alliance Announces First Certified Platforms for CENELEC B

G3-PLC is serving a strong and growing global market. Millions of G3-PLC products are in the field, mass roll-out is ongoing in multiple countries and numerous pilots are being conducted around the world. The G3-PLC certification program started in...

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G3-PLC Alliance re-elects executive board and welcomes new members

The G3-PLC Alliance held its Strategic Steering Committee meeting on 1st February 2018 in Paris and is happy to announce the main outcomes.

G3-PLC Alliance re-elects its executive board
The alliance's attending members elected the executive board and...

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