Certification Tests

Overview of the certification test tool

The G3-Alliance certification covers 3 main aspects : conformance, performance and 1-to-1 interoperability. In order to perform the associated tests, a certification test tool has been developed composed of a Tester and tests scenarios. This certification tests tool is used by the accredited certification laboratories to perform the required tests: additional information on how the tests are done using this tool can be found in the tests specifications.

Latest release of the test tools for certification

The latest release of the certification test tools is version 6 which was issued on December 23rd 2021. The reference version for certification version 6 is the June 2021 release of the G3 specification.

This release of the G3 specification includes several clarifications/corrections and adaptive power mechanism for the hybrid profile. Regarding PLC, this release covers important enhancements for dense networks such as trickle data broadcast mechanism, RREQ forwarding using jittering and trickle & clusterhead forwarding. This release of the certification test tools also supports three RF band plans for the Hybrid PLC&RF feature:

  1. Single carrier within 863-870 MHz, mode #1 & mode #2 (Europe)
  2. Single carrier within 865-868 MHz, mode #1 & mode #2 (India)
  3. Single carrier within 870-876 MHz, mode #1 & mode #2 (Europe)

For the previous Certification Version (Version 5) there is a grace period of 1 month for platforms and 5 months for products.  (For the current release, the grace period for products has been extended from 3 to 5 months). This means platform certifications who start testing from February 1st 2022, can only use certification version 6. Product certifications who start testing from June 1st 2022, can only use certification version 6. Projects starting testing before these dates, can use and be certified with certification version 5.

Test specifications

The latest test specification documents can be found in the table below.

Purchase the certification tests tool

To enable G3-Alliance members to prepare themselves for the conformance and performance testing, the certification tests tool to perform these tests can be purchased. Note that the equipment required for the performance testing, such as noise generator or spectrum analyser, have to be purchased separately. All the required information to build the performance test setup is included in the performance tests specification and the accredited laboratories can be contacted in case of specific questions. G3-Alliance members interested in buying the certification test tool, can contact Trialog using the following e-mail address: contact@trialog.com.