G3-PLC Charter

The G3-PLC Alliance is a consortium created in 2011 to standardize and promote G3-PLC technology globally.
Today, the G3-PLC Alliance counts almost 100 members that are international key stakeholders of the smart grid ecosystem, including utilities, semiconductor companies, equipment manufacturers and industrial companies. Together, they support, promote and implement the G3-PLC technology and established an industrial certification program to guarantee for the interoperability of devices from different manufacturers.
Over 80 million G3-PLC products have already been deployed in more than 30 countries around the world.

The three main objectives of the G3-PLC Alliance are:
• Maintain and enhance the G3-PLC standard
• Operate international certification program to enable interoperability amongst different manufacturers
• Promote the value, benefits and applications of G3-PLC technology globally

The G3-PLC Alliance is a not for profit organisation and is controlled by the General Assembly of members and the Strategic Steering Committee.