Fast, secure, reliable and cost effective communications are critical for the "Smart Grid," an entire interconnected network of interactive smart devices. G3-PLC™ is a new advanced OFDM-based Powerline Communications (PLC) technology developed by Maxim to meet the requirements of Enedis (ex ErDF - Electricité Réseau Distribution France). It has now gained world-wide interest and is under consideration by the ITU, IEEE, IEC and ISO standards committees. The G3-PLC specification has been posted for all interested parties by Enedis and Maxim to promote interoperability and open-endedness among smart grid implementations.


The creation of a consortium of key stakeholders in the Smart Grid ecosystem — from electricity utilities, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, IT vendors, automotive, and semiconductor companies — is required to promote rapid availability, adaptation, implementation, and deployment of G3-PLC compliant devices. This will provide continuity among new Smart Grid applications including power grid management, remote meter management, in-home energy management and electric vehicle charging, as well as supporting interoperability among vendors.


Initial objectives for the G3-PLC Alliance consortium are as follows:

  • Support G3-PLC in internationally recognized standards bodies to achieve the rapid adoption of the G3-PLC specification in industry applications worldwide.
  • Develop a framework for equipment testing to facilitate interoperability among G3-PLC adopters.
  • Educate the market and promote the value, benefits and applications of G3-PLC powerline networking products through public statements, publications, trade show demonstrations, seminar sponsorships and other programs established by the consortium.
  • Establish a forum and process where the consortium members may:

- Meet to discuss suggested revisions and enhancements to the specification.
- Make appropriate submissions to internationally recognized standards bodies with the purpose of ratifying the G3-PLC specification as an international standard.
- Meet with developers and providers of G3-PLC compliant products to indentify requirements for interoperability and general usability.