Field tests have proven that the simple elegance of a G3-PLC™ system lowers infrastructure costs when compared to other wired and wireless communications architectures. By communicating on the very powerline infrastructure it measures and controls, it avoids the need to create new communications paths through obstacles such as buildings, hills, and basements that block wireless communications. So, installation and maintenance costs are lower.

Most importantly, G3-PLC was designed to meet present and future advanced networking and application layer needs. As the world's only CENELEC /FCC PLC solution supporting true IPv6 addressing, G3-PLC can potentially save millions in unneeded network upgrade costs.


When evaluating communications platforms, it is important to find a solution that:

Provides a cost effective system architecture   G3-PLC provides the best performance and cost efficiency for medium- and low-voltage power grids. By communicating over the very lines that it measures and controls, PLC technology minimizes infrastructure and maintenance costs.
Is standards based to ensure interoperability   G3-PLC supports frequency bands worldwide (10 kHz to 490 kHz). Coexists with IEC 61334, IEEE P1901 and ITU
Minimizes infrastructure costs   G3-PLC provides long range communications and can effectively cross MV-LV transformers reducing the number of concentrators and repeaters needed.
Can support new distribution switches, sensors and home area network applications   G3-PLC incorporates 6LoWPAN adaptation layer to transmit IPv6 packets over powerline channels. The 802.15.4-based MAC layers enables interoperability.
Includes security mechanisms to protect grid assets   G3-PLC supports MAC-level security using an AES-128 cryptographic engine.
Can function in harsh, noisy environments   The "robust" mode of G3-PLC improves communication under noisy channel conditions, operates at -1 dB SNR.
Coexists with older technologies such as S-FSK   G3-PLC coexists with S-FSK and BPL.