The benefits of the smart grid are well known. But the widespread implementation has been impeded by the lack of a widely accepted two-way powerline communications technology.

G3-PLC™ has emerged as the open standard to enable this smart grid vision. Originally conceived through a collaboration of Maxim and Enedis, today it serves as a base technology for international standards development efforts such as IEEE P1901.2, ITU Ghnem/G.9955, IEC/CENELEC and IEC/ISO.

G3-PLC was designed to meet present and future advanced networking and applications layer needs. As the world's only CENELEC/FCC PLC solution supporting true IPv6 addressing, G3-PLC can potentially save millions in unneeded network upgrade costs.

Standards status:

  • IEEE P1901.2 — guaranteed interoperability with G3-PLC — approved.
  • ITU G.hnem annex G.9955 — full G3 in annex (CENELEC through FCC) in addition to Auto annex with mandatory interop with main body, and G3 FCC.
  • IEC/CENELEC T13 — delivered first draft for consideration (also recommended by OpenMeter).
  • ISO/SAE — leading technology for EV to charger communication.

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