Gridspertise joins G3-PLC Alliance to boost the development of new G3-PLC smart metering technology solutions addressing evolving needs of distribution system operators


Paris, France, September 1st, 2022. The G3-PLC Alliance, a leading industry alliance for powerline communication in smart grid applications, announces Gridspertise, the new subsidiary of Enel Group, has joined the G3-PLC Alliance as an executive member. This membership allows Gridspertise to actively contribute to the future of G3-PLC technology by developing new solutions to help distribution system operators manage the increasing complexity of the evolving electricity grid.

Gridspertise joins the G3-PLC alliance as an executive member and becomes an active contributor to the strategic roadmap of the Alliance. Created in 2011, the G3-PLC Alliance is one of the world’s leading industry alliances for powerline communication in smart grid applications, with almost 100 members and over 80 million G3-PLC products in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The membership enables Gridspertise to join other international key stakeholders of the smart grid ecosystem and integrate G3-PLC technology smart metering solutions in its portfolio while contributing for the development of new G3-PLC solutions and functionalities.

Gridspertise, born in 2021 as a subsidiary of Enel Grids, leverages the Group’s strong experience of over 20 years in operating and digitalizing distribution networks all over the world, with 45 million active smart meters across 8 countries. The company counts a significant intellectual property portfolio on cutting-edge field proven solutions, including smart metering devices based on PLC+RF technologies, and is enriching its portfolio to meet present and future DSO needs in terms of performance, sustainability, process improvement and quality of service.

Its solutions for Metering and Grid Edge Digitalization exploit the increasingly granular data coming from the grid, allowing for real-time monitoring of electricity use, advanced management of the technical parameters of the network and detecting in near real-time critical events at the single point of delivery, such as blackouts. They also improve billing and collection efficiencies, support the introduction of customized tariffs and help to reduce the non-technical losses. These solutions also allow customers to easily access their consumption data, thereby increasing awareness of the energy use to adopt more efficient and sustainable behaviors, simplifying the customer journey towards the electrification of the energy consumption. In addition, the “Chain 2” channel is the dedicated communications channel through which Gridspertise’s smart meters send information in near real time to the end customer, enabling home automation, demand response, distributed generation, e-mobility and to the new emerging flexibility platforms.

“With nearly 100 members and over 80 million G3-PLC products in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide, the G3-PLC is the most adopted powerline communications standard that enables the smart grid vision,” said Marc Delandre, Chairman of G3-PLC Alliance and Advanced Network Technologies Director at Enedis. “Gridspertise has extensive field proven experience in PLC solutions and is committed to work closely together on the development of new G3-PLC added-value use cases, especially for energy monitoring and advanced applications for grid management. We very much welcome Gridspertise to the Alliance”.

“Gridspertise’s mission is to help Distribution System Operators accelerate the transformation of their electricity distribution networks and deliver a new era of sustainable and reliable smart grids” – said Robert Denda, CEO of Gridspertise. “Being an executive member of the G3-PLC Alliance enables us to include G3-PLC technology in our portfolio to tackle the needs of DSOs in different geographies and actively shape the future of G3-PLC technology by contributing to the development of innovative functionalities to meet the evolving needs of DSOs and electricity end-customers.”

About Gridspertise

Gridspertise leverages Enel’s expertise in developing, testing and scaling up the best technologies to operate smart grids all over the world, and counts a significant intellectual property portfolio of field proven solutions for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) of any size and geography. Gridspertise provides access to cutting-edge sustainable solutions for the transformation of electricity distribution networks in three main areas: metering and grid edge digitalization, networks infrastructure digitalization, field operations digitalization. Target markets include Europe, Latin America and North America, starting with the countries where the Enel Group already has a strong presence, and expanding towards Asia-Pacific, where the investment in smart grids will drive infrastructure upgrade projects in the near future.

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About the G3-PLC Alliance

The G3-PLC Alliance is a consortium created in 2011 to standardize and promote G3-PLC technology globally. Today, the G3-PLC Alliance counts nearly 100 members that are international key stakeholders of the smart grid ecosystem, including utilities, semiconductor companies, equipment manufacturers and industrial companies. Together, they support, promote and implement the G3-PLC technology and established an industrial certification program to guarantee the interoperability of devices from different manufacturers. Last year the G3-PLC Alliance marked a major milestone of extending the certification program to include the G3-PLC Hybrid PLC&RF solution. The G3-PLC Hybrid is the first industry hybrid standard offering extended capabilities for smart grid and IoT applications in one seamlessly managed network over both wired and wireless media.

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