Enlit Europe took place from November 29th till December 1st 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. The G3-PLC Alliance booth featured many G3-PLC applications and offered many networking opportunities.

Watch the video about G3-PLC Alliance at Enlit Europe!  

Experts from Renesas and STMicroelectronics present all RF frequency bands supported by the latest release and explain the regulatory requirements in the different regions around the world. The following mechanisms introduced to address regulatory requirements are explained: – Adaptive power control (APC) – Duty-cycle handling – Frequency Hopping. 

Two utility members of the G3-PLC Alliance, Enedis (France) and EVN (Austria), share experiences of how they successfully realised meter interoperability and make recommendations for other utilities. Olivier Genest from Trialog presents the approach to realise interoperability.
Topics that will be addressed include:
– Different levels of interoperability
– Challenges and recommendations
– What is needed to realise interoperability in terms of organization, specification, testing, etc.

G3-PLC Alliance webinar about regulatory regime and G3-PLC deployments in FCC band in Europe. Due to its long range and high performance, many utilities in Europe have already deployed G3-PLC systems operating in the frequency range between 150 kHz up to 500 kHz, i.e. FCC band. 

    Kaveh Razazian, CTO, Sagemcom – G3-PLC Alliance delivering the Keynote Address during the Roundtable “Smart Metering – Rollout Challenges, System Integration Architecture, Smart Meter Operations Centre (SMOC)” at India Smart Utility Week on 03 March.

    Wolfgang Lehner, Head of Metering Netz Niederösterreich talks on the NÖ Austria G3-PLC smart meter roll-out and their experience with voltage quality data during Enlit Europe 2021, November 30th

    Kaveh Razazian, CTO of Sagemcom talks on the first field results with the G3-PLC Hybrid PLC& RF technology in India during Enlit Europe 2021, December 1st

    Riccardo Fiorelli from STMicroelectronics talks on “Evolution of Powerline Communication for Smart IoT Networks”  during Enlit Europe 2021 – December 1st

    Performance of G3-PLC Hybrid PLC&RF Communication Systems from Alfredo Sanz during Enlit Europe 2021 – November 30th  

    Marc Delandre’s 10th Anniversary Message

    G3-PLC Alliance Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

    Enhancements for Dense G3 PLC Networks – Webinar October 13th 2021 

    G3-PLC Webinar on “How does G3 PLC Hybrid PLC&RF communication work?”

    G3-PLC Hybrid Technology

    G3-PLC for Smart Metering in South America -Comunicación G3 PLC para medición inteligente en América

    Comunicación G3 PLC para medición inteligente en Colombia / G3-PLC for Smart Metering in Colombia

    Setting up and maintaining G3 PLC networks

    G3 PLC communication for smart metering in Africa


    G3-PLC Interoperability


    Three steps to G3 PLC Certification

    G3-PLC ALLIANCE : April 5th, 2016

    G3-PLC Alliance : 20th IEEE International Symposium in Bottrop, Germany

    G3-PLC ALLIANCE : Interview Smith Li HEXING

    G3-PLC Alliance : Interview Anil Mengi – DEVOLO

    G3-PLC Alliance : Interview de Olgan Durieux ORES

    G3-PLC Alliance : Interview de Reinhard Zulauf ELSTER

    G3-PLC Alliance : Interview Wolfgang Lehner EVN NETZ

    G3-PLC Alliance : Interview Yves Reckinger CREOS

    G3-PLC Alliance : interview de Bernard Lassus Marc Delandre

    What is G3-PLC and G3-PLC Alliance ?

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